OK, so you’ve all seen the X Factor, right? You know the drill – a panel of judges decides the fate of the aspiring singers, pressing their buzzers if the act displeases them. Some competitors astound you, soaring through round after round, until they reach the climax of the glittering finale. And then there […]

I’m thrilled to say that I’ve just signed with Avon, Harper Collins. Here are my tips for budding writers!   Write about what you know. It’s a cliché, but it is true. I know nothing about space exploration. Ditto the history of Japan. I do, however, know about relationships, babies and weddings. Hence, my stories […]

  When it comes to writing, there are hobby horses and there are race horses. Which one are you? I used to be a hobby horse. When someone asked me “Oh, are you a writer?”, I’d say “Me? Nah! I mean, I’ve taken a few creative writing courses at the local college, but sure it’s […]

A couple of days ago I was thrilled to throw a book launch party to celebrate the paperback release of ‘Bride without a Groom.’ The turn out was great, and we are hoping to see some snaps in the local press. Thankfully, I had plenty of wine and cheese ordered! My literary agent, Frank Fahy […]

   Fancy a sneak preview from ‘Bride Without A Groom?’ Take a peek at these snippets. Enjoy!      Want to read for first page of ‘Bride Without A Groom’? This is it. I can feel it. Four years of waiting for Barry to pop the question. Four years of hinting. Four years of dreaming […]

This week, Amy talks about the moment her children finally sleep through the night! The other morning, something strange happened. It was 7.30 am on Saturday,  and the house was quiet. There was no crying or shrieking. There were no tantrums in progress. Since the birth of or daughter four years ago, and her brother […]

Grab a copy of Womans Way magazine April 16th 2013 to see this in print! I know these floorboards well. I avoid the creaks as the nights bleed endlessly through until dawn. This evening, my one year old has a raging ear infection, and is propped up on my right shoulder. Her body is hot […]

“The Lake” Short story – published in TV choice magazine, 2012   Dear Jeremy, Isn’t It funny how I found myself back at the lake today? I am back where it all began. I must have walked wearily for miles, pacing up and down the lake side for hours. I was looking for the perfect […]

“Celebrating what truly matters”   “Powers Whiskey, please.” The unshaven man sat on a bar stool, dressed in faded jeans. Retrieving his drink from the mahogany counter, he returned to his seat alone. The morning’s events had changed their lives forever, he realised as he took the first sip to steady himself. Two days overdue […]

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